All the Standout Movies We’ve Seen at New York Film Festival This Year

Poor Things, May December, The Boy and the Heron, and more hotly anticipated films, reviewed here.


Strange Way of Life

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Strange Way of Life
Image: Sony Pictures Classics

Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar’s second English-language short, Strange Way of Life, is just a concept that treads water for 30 minutes. It asks, “Wouldn’t it be cute if Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke played queer cowboys who hooked up but then found themselves divided in a Shakespearean-lite predicament?”—and then it struggles to muster a yes. We get a fairly long shot of Pascal’s round ass, if that interests you, but otherwise, it feels like cosplay. Everyone here knows how silly and disposable it is, and no one seems pressed to commit because, hey, it’s a short movie and it’ll be over soon no matter where you are in it. Everything in this bro melodrama is contrived, but no one will care much about that when they’re memeing it.

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