Alleged Sexual Harasser Abandons Dog

Soon to be former Governor Andrew Cuomo reportedly left his dog, Captain, at the governor's mansion

Alleged Sexual Harasser Abandons Dog
Image:Mike Groll (AP)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is leaving his governorship behind, and his little dog too.

The Albany-based Times Union reports that when Cuomo moved out of the governor’s mansion last week, he asked staffers if anyone would like to keep his dog, Captain.

From the Times Union, emphasis our:

Two State Police sources told the Times Union on Saturday that the governor had recently asked mansion staff members if anyone would be interested in caring for the dog. Captain — a high-strung mix of shepherd, Siberian and malamute — has nipped a few people since Cuomo adopted him in 2018, the sources said, and a mansion staffer recently took the dog home for a few days but decided he was too much.
Richard Azzopardi, a senior adviser and spokesman for the governor, lashed out at the allegation that the governor has been looking for someone to care for the canine. He said the arrangement was only “temporary” because the governor, who is scheduled to resign from office at 11:59 p.m. Monday, is planning to take a vacation.

Okay, it’s one thing not to take his dog with him on vacation, but he’s not on vacation yet! Cuomo is staying at his sister’s house in Westchester County, just north of New York City. Azzopardi reportedly also said that Cuomo had “more important things to deal with” like tropical storm Henri, which hit New York this past weekend. Okay, sure, but politicians and leaders have been able to handle a crisis without sending their dog away for a while.

Look, I don’t know the details of this situation; maybe his sister has a cat who wouldn’t do well with a high-energy pup, maybe his sister is allergic to dogs, I don’t know. But considering the fact that Cuomo couldn’t even find a friend or other family member to watch the dog and instead asked his staffers if they were game? Sounds fishy, like he just wants the dog out of his hair. And considering the fact that the dog is still at the governor’s mansion… well…

Cuomo leaves office following months of sexual harassment allegations and a damning report from the state’s attorney general’s office corroborating 11 detailed accounts of Cuomo’s misconduct. It’s safe to say that Captain deserves a better dad anyway.

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