Amanda Knox Wins Lawsuit Over Book • Two-Year-Old Girl Joins MENSA


• The writer and publisher of a book about Amanda Knox have been ordered to pay the incarcerated American 40,000 Euros for revealing (fabricated) details about her sex life and publishing quotes from her diary, including:

”The strange thing is after all that has happened I want to write a song about all this. It would be the first song I have written and would speak about how someone died in a horrible way and for no reason. How morbid is all that ? I’m dying of hunger. I really want to say that I could murder a pizza but that doesn’t seem right,” which she wrote on the day of her arrest. Knox’s lawyers say the lawsuit is a step in the right direction. • A London-based record label is searching for the most talented nuns from around the globe to create an album of traditional songs. “This is a genuine appeal to find what you could call a ‘sister act’ for the 21st Century,” said a representative from the company. • A 66-year-old woman successfully fought off a would-be kidnapper by bashing him repeatedly in the head with a rock, Massachusetts police say. She also kicked him a couple of times for good measure, before he fled the scene. • A new report by the National Science Foundation seeks to address why there are so few women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. They argue that the difference is not biological but has to do with a persistent cultural bias. One study indicated that our low expectations for women in math has a lot to do with how much they are able to achieve, while another revealed a bias among postdoctoral admissions boards. • Sharon Hancox has been sentenced to 12 months of community service after she assaulted a doorman at her own wedding party with her shoes. She also reportedly flashed the man and called him a pervert. • Polish feminists are not happy with a breast cancer campaign that chose “I check the breasts of my workers on my own” as a slogan for a cancer hospital. They argue it “obviously brings sexual molestation to mind” and would not be funny if the genders were reversed. Plus, as far as slogans go, it’s not very catchy… but maybe it reads better in Polish? • Rest in peace, Liz Carpenter. The former White House press secretary and newspaper reported passed away on Saturday at the age of 89. • According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, women are more likely to work multiple jobs than men. This is partially due to the wage gap, but it may also be a result of the “He-cession.” With more men losing jobs, women have to pick up the slack. • At two years old, Beatrix Townsend has become the most adorable (and youngest, natch) member of MENSA. She has an IQ of 136 and says “certainly” instead of “yes.” Also, her favorite character is Angelina Ballerina, which proves she has good taste as well as smarts. • The trial of Marcus Huffman, a police officer from Providence, began last week. Huffman has been accused of raping a woman in March 2007 and later following her to the hospital, where she had gone to seek help. The woman testified that she saw Huffman in uniform, “grinning” in the hallway, before he entered into her room. • Today, the Supreme Court turned down an appeal from Massachusetts anti-abortion protesters who wanted to overturn the law that requires a 35-foot protest-free zone outside of clinics. They have not yet issued any comment on the ruling. • Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao can’t be too happy about their ruling: he went on record Sunday calling abortion a “moral evil, at a par with slavery.” Cao says he was a “tormented soul” on Sunday because although he wanted to vote in favor of the health care bill, he couldn’t do so without stricter laws regarding abortion. •

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