Amber Mark Is the Most Soulful Woman on Pluto


Amber Mark is one of the better musicians to emerge in the last several years, her rich, lustrous, jazz-honed voice lending itself to soulful house salves as much as R&B break-up jams. When she visited the Jezebel offices to talk about her most recent EP, the eminently fantastic Conexao, she described her sound as a “tribal, soulful, R&B mixture.” I personally would describe her sound as THE STUFF I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO AND SOUNDTRACK MY EVERY EMOTION WITH.

As it turns out, the 24-year-old New Yorker is as sharp and extra-cool as her music would imply, with an easy intellect and the laidback gait of someone you really want to be your best friend. Her depth of songwriting is no fluke: she’s a smarty, but not pretentious at all. On the cusp of releasing her latest single, the DRAM-featuring, old-school-Brooklyn-sounding “Put You On,” she spoke with us about her color-coded Instagram, the ex-planet Pluto, and being cosigned by none other than Sade. Do not sleep on this young genius!

Associate Producer: Kayra Clouden; Creative Producer: Joon Chung

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