Amber Ruffin Takes Roseanne to Task for 'Tired-Ass,' Racist Episode About Muslim Neighbors


Many people were mildly surprised when the new Roseanne reboot positioned Roseanne as an explicit Trump supporter—but not Amber Ruffin!!

In her “Minute of Fury” segement on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Ruffin came for the most recent episode of the show, which saw the fictional Roseanne coming to terms with her Muslim neighbors and realizing that yes, they are people, and not monsters, terrorists, or otherwise. While I’m sure this episode was meant to prove just how un-racist Roseanne the show and Roseanne the person possibly are, it appears that it had the opposite effect.

In the episode in question, Roseanne spies on her new neighbors, suspecting that they’re hoarding fertilizer to build a bomb. Eventually she discovers that hey, they’re just like her (or just the opposite)—nice, normal people willing to give her their Wifi password (GoCubs and not “deathtoAmerica123″ as she suspected) so that her granddaughter can Skype her mother in Afghanistan. Racism solved. Case closed. Good night.

What’s wrong with this line of thinking? Basically…everything, but, as Ruffin succintly puts it, “The minorities have to prove themselves to her.”

My friends, that’s not the way it should work.

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