America's Oldest Teacher Does It For the Kids


Agnes Zhelesnik started her teaching career when she was 82 years old. She just turned 99, and CNN reports that over the last 17 years, she’s had a “huge impact” on her students’ lives. Ms Zhelesnik — affectionately called “Granny” at school, teaches cooking, sewing and costume-making. Her daughter, a 69-year-old also named Agnes, also teaches at the school. But why teach at 99 years old? Zhelesnik just enjoys being around the students:

“I love them. They’re my best helpers. That’s the only reason why I come here, is the children,” Zhelesnik says, her blue eyes sparkling behind silver metal-framed glasses.
“It’s the children. The children are the greatest,” she said. “You know, you have your own, but when it’s these kids, they’re just something else.”

That said, Granny thinks she might retire when she’s 100.


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