Amy Klobuchar Believes in Bosses 


To mark International Women’s Day, Politico asked women who are running for the Democratic presidential nomination for their thoughts on the biggest challenges facing women today. Senator Amy Klobuchar believes the answer is to put more women in positions of power:

One of the struggles that underlies all of our policy battles is the continued lack of women in positions of power. From corporate boardrooms, to the courts and political leadership around the world, the lack of women in senior positions continues to stymie progress on issues from pay to humanitarian aid to discrimination in all its forms. The sooner we understand that the lack of women in leadership roles holds back not only women, but all people, the sooner we will be able to advance society as a whole.

But should those women use their power to throw binders, humiliate their staff, and threaten career retaliation? Jury’s still out, apparently.

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