Amy Winehouse To Be Caribbean Queen

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She will be a Caribbean Queen. A source says: “Amy loves it over there and being away from it all has helped her hugely in her fight against drugs. She has been drinking and smoking cannabis but is still a million times better than she was in Camden.” [The Sun]

  • Brad Pitt took the boys — Maddox and Pax — to Las Vegas! They were spotted at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino last night. Meanwhile, Angelina and the girls (Shiloh and Zahara) are in New York. Donde esta los twins?? [People]
  • Liev Schreiber might star opposite Angelina Jolie in the spy thriller Salt. Sounds like a good combo, no? [Variety]
  • Rihanna is “torn” about helping the police charge Chris Brown with assault. [NY Daily News]
  • Madonna may not be in the Twilight sequel after all. Sadness! She would make a very convincing bloodsucker. [ONTD via EW]
  • The “intimate” details of Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s divorce will be made public? Haven’t we already heard everything? [Daily Mail]
  • Studios are “lining up” to court Tom Cruise? Because Valkyrie did better than expected around the world, and because he promotes his flix so hard? [Variety]
  • When Nadya Suleman, mother of octuplets, was on the cover of Life & Style, sales went “through the roof.” Us is expected to have a good week, too, since it has exclusive photos of Suleman. The question is: Who is getting the money from the sale of these exclusive pix? [MSNBC Scoop]
  • Kanye West‘s hair is evolving. “His ducktail seems to be growing nicely into the mullet-nub stage. Bravo.” [NY Mag]
  • Did you know that Kate Winslet was the fourth choice for her role in The Reader? It was first offered to Nicole Kidman, then Marion Cotillard was considered, then Naomi Watts. [Daily Mail]
  • When Dita Von Teese said she went celibate for awhile after breaking up with Marilyn Manson, she was only joking. “I just thought it was funny to say at the time,” she says. “I’m pretty sure it’s safe for you to report that I’ve had sex by now.” But there’s no one dude in her life: “I’m just really enjoying being single, and having fun, global affairs. I’m enjoying being free, and enjoying different men…I’m enjoying being in the moment and enjoying everyone for what they have to offer.” [E!]
  • Dita is working on a second book: “It’s a step-by-step guide to beauty for girls who don’t want to look like every other girl.” [E!]
  • LOL at “Orlando Zoom.” [The Sun]
  • At the Brit awards, Bono joked that he wanted to be in Girls Aloud. Bass player Adam Clayton quipped, “Which one?” [The Sun]
  • Duffy won three Brit awards and joked, “I don’t mean to be greedy.” [Daily Mail]
  • Coldplay won zero, repeat, zero Brit awards. [Mirror]
  • Amy Poehler‘s new show, Parks and Recreation, started filming today. Amy says: “I’m excited about settling in and doing a really specific character, respectfully written, and I think it’s really funny and really small and low-stakes. And I enjoy small, specific, low-stakes humor.” [E!]
  • A drunk Josh Hartnett knocked over a bunch of glasses of Champagne at a Fashion Week after party and explained, “Sorry, I’m half-lit.” [Perez]
  • Mickey Rourke‘s agent, David Unger, says financiers preferred Nicolas Cage for the role in The Wrestler. But Unger explains how he helped Rourke make a comeback. And! When Unger’s parents’ dog died, he says, Rourke got them another. “He did it without telling me; my mother had tears in her eyes,” he says. “Of course, they named the dog Mickey.” [USA Today]
  • Tupac is dead, but his legal battles live on: A production company is suing the company run by his mother, alleging they’re “refus(ing) to honor and perform a contract of a production of the film based on the life of Tupac Shakur.” Dear Mama: Keep ya head up! [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Anna Wintour wants Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake in Vogue. Whatever Anna wants — Anna gets! [Page Six]
  • Recessionista alert: Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel used a coupon when getting her hair done. [Page Six]
  • Everything you need to know about Conan O’Brien’s last shows is here. [NY Daily News]
  • Eric Bana is working on a film called Love The Beast, about his obsession with cars and racing. But he’s teamed up with an environmental group to offset the pollution caused during filming: “We love cars but love the planet more,” a producer explains. [Reuters]
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger was supposed to shoot a scene for a Sylvester Stallone flick, but he has a pesky budget crisis to deal with. [TMZ]
  • American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee will make her TV acting debut in an April episode of CSI: NY. [Reuters]
  • Sandra Bullock will star in a flick called The Blindside, in which a homeless black teen from a broken home is taken in by a well-to-d- family abd becomes one of the first players selected at the NFL draft. (It’s based on a true story.) Bullock plays the rich mom. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • E! host Debbie Matenopoulos is seeking $12,558 in temporary monthly support from her estranged husband. That’s still a lot of money in this economy, right? [People]
  • On that new show Confessions Of A Teen Idol, Eric Nies of The Real World and The Grind says he was almost going to be Batman instead of Val Kilmer. Stop laughing! [Videogum]
  • Charlie Sheen‘s pregnant wife was hospitalized for premature contractions but she is already out. [E!]
  • Charlie Sheen blabs about the nursery he and wife Brooke have set up for their twin boys, due in April. Yawn. [People]
  • Slumdog Millionaire‘s Anil Kapoor says he identifies with the movie: “I also started from a very simple background. Bare feet. Running in the slums with my friends. Going through the rubbish.” He grew up in “what they call a ‘chawl,’ a step up [from] a slum. You have these small cubicles, 100 or 200 sq ft, like holes, but they are made of concrete, and the ceilings are slightly different. For all of us there was a communal bathroom, so you have to stand in line. It’s like two baths for about 10 families and two toilets for about 10, 15 families.” [Guardian]
  • What the world needs now: Little Fockers, the next flick coming down the line from the people who brought you Meet The Parents and Meet The Fockers. Ben Stiller will return; Robert De Niro and Owen Wilson are in negotiations. [Reuters]
  • Calm down: The Rock is not returning to wrestling. He is, however, pushing his new flick, Race To Witch Mountain. Yay? [IHT]
  • “I don’t want to be known as just a pretty face. I loved Charlize Theron in Monster. I want to play parts that are challenging and inspiring.” — Slumdog Millionaire‘s Freida Pinto. [Telegraph]
  • “I thought, well maybe I’d like to get involved, but I was nervous about it and I thought, you know, I don’t want to be a dilettante. People would say this guy’s just an airhead celebrity and he doesn’t know anything, and at the time of course, I didn’t. So I thought: well I should learn about this and I travelled there.” — Ben Affleck, on getting involved with humanitarian work in the Democratic Republic of Congo. [Mirror]
  • “I can tell you that the guys have some standouts. That kid Danny Gokey is one of my favorites. Adam Lambert is pretty darn amazing. So are the guys who play the dueling pianos (Matt Giraud and Ricky Braddy). And Scott (MacIntyre) the blind kid, is fantastic. I love Megan (Corkrey). Oh, and Jackie Tohn – she’s great.” — Paula Abdul, on her American Idol faves. [MSNBC]
  • “The difference now is for new bands. They are under so much pressure to release their material for free. It’s different for us, we have a loyal fan base who buy our records. We can also make money from touring, thanks again to our fans, who go out and buy tickets. The danger in giving music away free is for writers. Where would Cole Porter be now? If you have to give away your work for free and you can’t play live, where do you earn the money? It’s an interesting time for music.” — Bono. [The Sun]
  • “I’m always looking for a man. But please, only princes should talk to me.” — Nicollette Sheridan don’t want no frogs. [People]
  • “I think I won’t [get naked in a movie] again. I can’t keep getting away with it, and I don’t want to become ‘that actress who always gets her kit off.'” — Kate Winslet. [Page Six]
  • “I hope Rhianna is getting counseling from a professional counselor who will tell her that there is no way for her to ever win, and that she will have to curtail her own penchant for escalating conflict by screaming at or hitting or humiliating her abuser. I hope he gets real counseling too, that is not from a minister or his mom or any other shame based bullshit method that will never work, and that is designed to avoid dealing directly with self-control issues. I hope that they both leave each other alone and get over their faults.” — from a longish rant by Roseanne Barr. [DListed, MSNBC]
  • “I can’t pass judgment, but aren’t fake breasts already looking really 1995?” — Jeanne Tripplehorn to More. [Page Six]
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