An Awesome Periodic Table of Your Period


Quantum mechanics? More like cunt-um mechanics, amirite?!

Anatomical plush toy company I Heart Guts has rolled out this pretty great chart outlining the highlights (and lowlights) of menstruation.

Based on everyone’s second favorite science room poster (behind Carol of course), the table delineates everything including cravings, birth control, biochemicals, moods, and even the terms of endearment we use to refer to the art of bleeding out our lady lining.

I Heart Guts is also responsible for The Good Ol’ Menstrual Cycle, another awesome guide that maps out hormonal and physiological patterns throughout the 28-ish days.

So whether you’re in a Dalton of pain and just want to be Mendeleft alone, or you feel like a goddamn beautiful gamma ray of sunlight, shining with all your Meit-ner, this fun and educational chart sure won’t be a Bohr. Sorry for the atomic scientist puns, I could not help myself.

Also worth noting: The Book of Jezebel — released in October — has its own kickass version of this. Want to see? Step right this way.

[via Laughing Squid]

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