Andrew Cuomo Is Livid About That Packed Chainsmokers Show in the Hamptons

Andrew Cuomo Is Livid About That Packed Chainsmokers Show in the Hamptons
Screenshot:Twitter/Andrew Cuomo

A very unsocially-distanced Chainsmokers show in the Hamptons this past weekend has enraged New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who called the gathering “illegal and reckless.”

The charity event, called “Safe and Sound,” was originally planned as a drive-in, but transformed as revelers ditched their vehicles and crammed-in close as though there isn’t a pandemic surging unchecked across the U.S. Was watching Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon DJ worth dying for? I doubt it!

Tickets to the concert cost up to $25,000, according to Billboard, and was touted by organizers as a “safe and controlled environment, setting the bar for all events to come.”

In reality, the concert was anything but. New York’s health commissioner, Howard Zucker, wrote in a letter to Southampton’s Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman that he was “greatly disturbed” by reports that thousands of people had packed together, flouting social distancing guidance.

“I am at a loss as to how the Town of Southampton could have issued a permit for such an event, how they believed it was legal and not an obvious public health threat,” he wrote.

Schneiderman, whose band also played at the event (!), was quick to blame the organizers:

“We believe the conditions of the permit were violated,” Schneiderman told the New York Post, adding that attendees were supposed to remain in squares designated especially for them for the duration of the show.

“The organizer was supposed to make sure that people stayed in their square – they didn’t have enough security,” said Schneiderman. “I had conversations with the organizers making sure they were going to enforce the rules. It’s unfortunate that they allowed that to happen.” He insisted that when his band performed, everyone was doing as they were told:

“I stayed for a while and when I became aware of the VIP area, I told the two security guards from the organizers to stop,” said Schneiderman, who added that he had to leave because his ride home texted him saying, “You have to come to the car right now. We have to leave,” because his pal was having an “allergy issue.”

Is he…for real? This feels to me like an underbaked lie a sixth-grader would concoct after getting caught sneaking home after curfew. Please let there be video!

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