Andrew Cuomo Pretends to Not Understand What ‘Girlfriend’ Means

"How do you want to define girlfriend? How do you want to define date?"

Andrew Cuomo Pretends to Not Understand What ‘Girlfriend’ Means
Photo:Chip Somodevilla / Staff (Getty Images)

On Wednesday, New York Attorney General Letitia James released hundreds of pages of transcripts pertinent to a sexual harassment investigation into the former governor Andrew Cuomo from an interview on July 17. Elevent women came forward to allege harassment against Cuomo, and the transcripts only serve to bolster the argument that Cuomo did not see the women around him as people, let alone professionals.

The strategy going into the interview? Obfuscation. The excerpts from the 515-page release circulating on Twitter reveal a man dedicated to smoke and mirrors: Cuomo said he doesn’t “know” the song “Do You Love Me?” by The Contours, but James’ August 3rd report included audio of Cuomo singing that very song to Charlotte Bennett. Cuomo described former executive aide Brittany Commisso as a “gossip hotline,” and in response to questions about touching her butt, conceded that he “may have hugged her on the lower back.” (Read between the lines people!) During one exchange between the AG and former governor, the precise definition of “girlfriend” was hotly debated:

Hmm…reminiscent of AIM exchanges I had in middle school trying to decipher whether a guy friend had a “crush” on a girl friend of mine. Strange to see such immature and manipulative tactics deployed at some of the highest levels of government, but then again, we shouldn’t be surprised after four years of the “grab ‘em by the pussy” president.

For those who are tuning into this story rather late, then-governor Andrew Cuomo was a New York dah-ling during the pandemic due to his measured and comforting coronavirus briefings, for which he won an Emmy award. (Look, it’s relatable to turn to a toxic man when you’re in a state of crisis. Doesn’t mean it’s healthy.) At the precipice of this god-awful global pandemic, #Cuomosexuals were running rampant, though it’s probably cringey for nearly all of them to now admit.

Public perception shifted when women started to come forward with their allegations of sexual harassment, starting with former aide Lindsey Boylan in February, who said Cuomo harassed and “forcibly kissed” her. Following Boylan’s charges, other former staffers came forward with their own stories, including Charlotte Bennett, Ana Liss, Brittany Commisso, and Anna Ruch. Cuomo has since resigned, and Kathy Hochul has taken up the mantel in Albany.

Though it should be noted that Cuomo is currently facing a criminal misdemeanor charge for forcible touching, he tweeted some frantic Notes App questions along with this statement from his attorney Rita Glavin:

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