Ann Romney's Beautiful Head of Hair Really Just Wants to Hang With Beyoncé


It’s been a full season since Jason Sudeikis was cast as presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, but it wasn’t until this weekend that SNL debuted sorta-rookie cast member Kate McKinnon as Mitt’s better half, Ann. McKinnon’s impersonation was a fairly kind one — rather than go after Ann herself most of the Weekend Update bit was devoted to tearing down the Romney campaign’s Republican critics. Still, there were a few jokes made at the expense of her entirely too wholesome image. “It’s fall and we’re missing apple picking season and we love apple picking, Seth,” SNL‘s Ann Romney says. “It’s like Mormon Mardi Gras. I once drank so much cider I woke up the next morning in my bed wearing my pajamas.”

We also learned that, deep down, all Lady Mittens wants is to hang out with Beyoncé. Same here, Ann. Same here.

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