Ann Taylor Mistakenly Reveals Their Photoshop Process [Updated]


Remember how Ann Taylor promised to “feature more real, beautiful images” after turning models into Stretch Armstrong dolls on its website? Well, they’ve started by adding some unretouched thumbnails that transform into ribless monstrosities when you click them.

Too see for yourself, head to this page on Ann Taylor’s website and click on the image in the upper left corner:

As the page loads, you’ll get to see what the Chiffon Trim Tank looks like on a real woman for a few seconds. Then she shrinks into a awkward creature barely able to support the weight of her torso with her tiny child hips.

Buyer beware: This item is on final sale, so if you’re planning to wear it with your all your bones intact, you should think twice before purchasing.

Update: The item has mysteriously disappeared from Ann Taylor’s website.

Chiffon Trim Tank [Ann Taylor]

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Ann Taylor’s Photoshop Insanity

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