Anna Chlumsky Will Play a Hungry Journalist in Shonda Rhimes's Show About Grifter Anna Delvey

Anna Chlumsky Will Play a Hungry Journalist in Shonda Rhimes's Show About Grifter Anna Delvey

It’s been Halloween for two whole weeks now, and everyone is okay with that because everything is scary, including scammers. This week in Hollywood, Shonda Rhimes set the cast for her Netflix series about Notorious S.C.A.M.M.E.R Anna Delvey, there’s a Pirates of the Caribbean revival happening (yes, mate), and Alexander Wang got a talk show at Quibi, our secret love child. Let’s get it on, non-sexually.

Julia Garner has been cast as Anna Delvey in Shonda Rhimes’s upcoming Netflix series about the infamous heiress. It also stars Anna Chlumsky (who’ll play “a journalist with a lot to prove,”) and Laverne Cox (as a celebrity trainer and life coach). Per Variety, “Anna and the reporter form a love-hate bond as Anna awaits trial and the reporter fights the clock to answer the biggest question in NYC: who is Anna Delvey?” [Variety]

The last thing Pirates of the Caribbean needs is a reboot, but given the success of Chernobyl (the show, not the incident), maybe Craig Mazin can pull it off. [Variety]

The Elvis biopic has founds its Priscilla Presley, Olivia DeJonge. Yes, her! [Variety]

Rachel Weisz will play Elizabeth Taylor in a movie that “chronicles Taylor’s journey from actress to activist through the lens of her friendship with her assistant Roger Wall, a gay man who grew up in poverty in the Deep South.” [Deadline]

CW is working on a Superman & Lois revival that should absolutely include a cameo from Teri Hatcher. [Deadline]

The Game of Thrones creators are no longer attached to the Star Wars trilogy. So now it won’t end with a dragon destroying the light sabres. [Page Six]

Is Naomi Watts starring in a Game of Thrones sequel for HBO? Not anymore. [Deadline]

The trifecta of Issa Rae, Elizabeth Banks, and Mindy Kaling have partnered for a comedy project at HBO Max. [Variety]

Designer Alexander Wang landed an unconventional talk show on Quibi titled Potty Talk. You probably have a show on Quibi and don’t know it yet. [Deadline]

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