Anne Frank's Helper Turns 100 • Swiss Skinheads Cause Brazilian Mother To Miscarry


Anne Frank’s last surviving “helper,” Miep Gies, turns 100 this Sunday. She humbly claims that she has received far more attention than she deserves, and “so many others have done the same.” •

• It seems that safe sex is recession-proof! Condom sales have been increasing as the economy worsens and people look for cheaper ways to entertain themselves. • High school students in Illinois published a “Hooking Up” edition of their award-winning school paper. Administrators claim that they did not have to confiscate any copies of the paper, since they were so quickly snatched up by students and teachers. • Meet Chloe, the only cat who loves to shower. The aquatic Persian will jump in the shower at any chance she gets. • Photographer Jenny Wicks is fighting gingerism with her art. She has snapped pictures of people from all over Britain in efforts to capture the unique beauty of redheads… and she’s succeeded. • After publicly claiming that their entire engagement was only a “stunt,” Drew Peterson’s ex-fiance, Christina Raines, has moved back in with him. • It looks like even “Bridezillas” are scaling back: sales of wedding gowns in the U.S. are expected to decrease 2.8%. • Good news for all the real-life Jims and Pams out there: a new survey shows that 31% of office romances lead to marriage. • Research from Indiana University shows that single ladies are better at expressing their emotions in text messages than men. Women are more likely to use emoticons and write longer messages. • Cordula Volkening, a 52-year-old woman from Brooklyn, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer a year ago. After learning that she had only a few years more, Volkening decided to bravely start a new career as a painter. • Just in time for Valentine’s Day, researchers have found that material gifts may lead to more happiness than “experience”-based gifts, especially when the experience goes badly. Apparently, it is easier to forget a crappy gift than a terrible dinner or a poorly chosen vacation. • Yesterday, a woman believed to be 115 years old passed away in Chicago. Virginia Coll was not previously recognized as one of the 88 people living aged over 110 and above. • While head lice have a long history of nesting in human hair, scientists believe that crabs are a slightly more recent phenomenon. David Reed theorizes that crabs originated in the pubic hair of gorillas, and only later spread to humans. • A Saudi judge has sentenced the victim of gang-rape to 100 lashes and a year in jail for adultery. Authorities accuse the woman of attempting to get an abortion after she found herself pregnant as a result of the attack. • Through studying prairie voles, a rare monogamous rodent, scientists hope to discover the biological source of love. • Men from Sydney will be among the first in the world to try a twice-monthly male contraceptive injection. • In order to keep up with changing technology, the Queen’s website has received a facelift. • Cotton candy could soon be more than just a fairground staple: scientists may have found a way to use the fluffy treat to regrow human tissue. • A special court ruled today that there is no link between autism and vaccination, despite what many parents may think. While this may be a good thing for some, it is an all-around bad week for parents of autistic children: a bill was defeated yesterday that would require mandatory insurance coverage for children with autism. • A pregnant Brazilian woman was attacked last Monday evening in Zurich by a group of skinheads. They allegedly carved the initials of Switzerland’s right-wing party into her stomach after hearing her speaking Portuguese. The attack caused her to miscarry twins. •

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