Anonymous Releases More Intel on the Alleged Steubenville 'Rape Crew'


Last month, Anonymous sub-group KnightSec vowed to expose the other students and adults affiliated with the Steubenville, Ohio Big Red high school rape case if they didn’t publicly apologize before January 1st. On Wednesday, they released a video of former Steubenville High School baseball player Michael Nodianos recounting the girl’s rape in between giggles. Now, they’ve published a lengthy report on the events that allegedly transpired last August.

The file includes some new and startling allegations: that the alleged rape survivor was roofied, that she was raped by more students than the two who are already charged, and that one member of the “rape crew” used to date her, which is why she was targeted.

It says that volunteers from Local Leaks, the site that released the report, have been “working around the clock to organize, analyze, fact-check, verify – and prepare this disclosure for release.” But they’re not professional journalists, so it’s tricky to know how much of it to believe; that’s the problem with internet vigilantism. Of course, the real problem is that our culture necessitates internet vigilantism — I doubt the New York Times would’ve picked up the story if Alex Goddard hadn’t blogged about it incessantly. But we won’t release the names of people who haven’t been officially charged here. Here’s an excerpt:

After being convinced, with some amount of coaxing – to attend the parties that night with the “Rape Crew” by [XXX]’s girlfriend [XXX], Jane Doe was picked up at a volley ball team party she was attending in the early evening of August 11th and transported in a vehicle with Richmond, Mays and [XXX] in it. Jane Doe was administered a “date rape” drug snuck into her drink almost immediately, possibly while still in the vehicle enroute to the nights “festivities”. In any case, she has no memories after being picked up. The first party of the night was at the home of Assistant Coach [XXX], where [XXX], [XXX], [XXX], and [XXX] were already engaged in heavy drinking and drug use. At this location Jane Doe was raped multiple times by Richmond and Mays and at least two other assailants from the “Rape Crew”. At that point the “party” went on the move. They first stopped at another Assistant Coach’s home, [XXX]. [XXX] didn’t like what he saw, and asked them to leave. Once again, they hit the road with an unconscious Jane Doe in tow. While en route to [XXX]’s house, Jane was again raped and sodomized in the back seat of a vehicle – and this was video recorded by [XXX] who was in the front seat. Her attackers in the car were again Mays and Richmond. Once they arrived at [XXX]s house Jane Doe was carried to the basement where she was again raped multiple times by multiple attackers, one of which was [XXX]. Finally, having sated themselves and exhausted any further entertainment that Jane Doe could provide for these animals, she was unceremoniously dumped (still unconscious) onto the front lawn of the [XXX] residence – where at least one member of the “Rape Crew” proceeded to urinate on her.

Read the rest here.

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