Anonymous Says It's Confirmed That Emma Watson Will Be the Big-Screen Anastasia Steele We All Deserve


In her ongoing effort to scrub the adorable residue precocious witch Hermione Granger left all over her acting career, Emma Watson may end up portraying Anastasia Steele, the heroine of a contemporary classic in the annals (heh) of erotic fiction, on the big screen. Or so says the reinvigorated Fifty Shades of Cinematic Excellence rumor mill.

If you consider the members of Anonymous to be a generally forthcoming and trustworthy bunch, then you might be more inclined to believe rumors of Watson’s latest career move. Anonymous claims to have penetrated the database of the German movie studio Constantin, and mined from its vaults a lot of top-secret, insidery information about upcoming movies. Among these juicy sex morsels of information, Anonymous seems to have confirmed the long-running rumor that, for her next magic trick, Hermione Granger will turn herself into the protagonist of a movie about BDSM that can’t possibly be as graphic as its source material (which, as many erotica fans will mention, isn’t even that graphic).

Of course, explains Nick Romano at Screen Crush, this all makes complete sense after the release of the The Bling Ring trailer, which features a slow-motion shot of Watson in smoky mascara eyeshadow bouncing up and down in a club and tapping her tongue to her upper lip. Smolder on, Emma, smolder on.

Did Celebrity Hackers Confirm Emma Watson for ‘50 Shades of Grey’? [Screen Crush]

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