Anti-Gaga PSA Warns Parents About Dangerous Pop Culture Icons


A commercial for—a site for parents who are terrified of how pop culture could poison their children—features two tweens suggestively dancing to a thinly-veiled Lady Gaga ripoff. And this serves as a warning about “racy role models.”

Ironically titled “Common Sense,” the site arbitrarily places “age appropriate” stamps on movies, TV shows, music, games, books, websites and mobile apps for parents who seemingly can’t make up their own minds about suitable content. There are plenty of info graphics and warnings all over the place, like this one for Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster:

There are also “reviews” of movies—as in reviewers speculating about the content of movies they’ve yet to see, like the rom-com Going the Distance:

Parents need to know that this R-rated romantic comedy is likely to attract Drew Barrymore’s teen fans, of whom there are many. She and real-life on-and-off beau Justin Long play long-distance lovers trying to get a grip on their relationship. It’s likely that adult relationships, especially of the long-distance variety, will come under a microscope in this film, and that sexual situations will arise. You can also expect plenty of strong language and drinking.

Because you never know what kind of drugged-up whore your daughter will turn into after experiencing things, like, you know, the world around her.

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