Antoine Dodson Pitches A Sex-Offender Tracking App


Antoine Dodson has said he wants to use his viral video fame to help other survivors of sexual abuse, which explains why he wrapped that bandanna back around his head to pitch a mobile app mapping sex offenders.

The creators of the Sex Offender Tracker app, which combines the national sex offender registry with “augmented reality” of your surroundings, are donating 5 percent of their proceeds to RAINN.

Dodson was propelled to fame first when an indignant interview he gave a local television station about his sister’s attempted rape went viral, and then when the audio was made into a wildly popular Autotune The News track. He has said that he is himself a survivor of sexual abuse and that he wants to use his unexpected fame to improve his family’s circumstances — he’s already been able to purchase them a new house. In addition to the top-selling song and his various web presences, there’s also an Antoine Dodson Halloween costume.

His new turn as a pitchman will also contribute to his financial security: Ross Cohen of BeenVerified, which created the app, told us that Dodson was paid for his work.

Dodson could be a role model for all beneficiaries of accidental fame. The lessons seem to be: Provide context, but don’t be afraid to add some levity. Stay on topic and maintain authenticity as much as possible. Go multi-platform — and monetize.

Sex Offender Tracker App [Official Site]

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