Archie Panjabi’s Talking About That Scene From The Good Wife!!!!!

So, did they inexplicably shoot it via CGI because she and series star Juliana Margulies were feuding??

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Archie Panjabi’s Talking About That Scene From The Good Wife!!!!!
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Archie Panjabi talked about that scene from The Good Wife!!!!! It’s not like she hasn’t done it before and sure she didn’t say that much, but who cares she talked about it!!!!!!

In an interview with Us Weekly, Panjabi was asked about that notorious final bar scene with series star Juliana Margulies . (In case you’re unfamiliar, the two actresses inexplicably shot the scene separately through the magic of CGI even though it literally called for them to be drinking and chatting next to one another.) Did they shoot it that way because of some feud between the two women, as has long been rumored? Panjabi doesn’t say, but she does give us one hell of a masterclass-worthy pageant answer:

The fact that you have people interested in the show and those characters, and they’re so invested in it, you know, it’s just a testament to how great that show was.

Enjoy the crumbs, readers!

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  • The titular role!!!!!

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