Are Dads Cool With Their Sons Wearing Pink? An 'Investigation'


Good Morning America has gone ahead and created a non-issue out of a few Dads feeling weird about their sons wearing pink. We know how much GMA loves their panels, so they gathered a group of fathers and a separate group of little dudes to get some opinions on the non-matter. The series of questioning involved the interviewer raising a tiara in her hand and asking, gravely, “What would you say if your son wanted to wear this to school?” Dum-dum-DUM!

Luckily, some of the dads had some pretty respectable answers for such queries, like “I follow my child’s lead” and “It’s not really the point of what I like, it’s what my child likes.” There were, of course, there two fathers who really hoped that their sons would rather wear a blue shirt instead of a pink skirt, but is that even surprising?

The panel of boys aged 6-8, however, were much less divided and seemed totally cool with the color pink. GMA tested the boys’ color-preferences by offering up scooters in an array of neon colors and setting up a rack of different-colored clothing and to see what they would choose. Two of them chose both the pink scooter and pink shirts, going so far as to fist-bump over their mutual love of pink items. The kids were questioned about said “color war,” and every single one said they wouldn’t mind wearing pink. Just so long as the clothes don’t say “princess” on them or anything.

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