Are You Wearing Underpants? JetBlue Wants To Know


From the latest edition of Totally Inappropriate Air Travel Industry Practices Digest, a rough outline of the airline’s best practices as witnessed during a recent incident at JFK:

  • JetBlue wants to make sure all passengers are sporting proper skivvies.
  • If it is not immediately clear that your genitals are safely ensconced, a male employee may wave a walkie-talkie around your crotch (because walkie-talkies are actually underpants-detectors — that’s a CIA secret, but now you know).
  • If the walkie-talkie test fails to yield a conclusive result, you may be asked to deplane.
  • If, upon your exit of the aircraft, it is determined that you are neither pantsless nor pantiesless and, in fact, you are just wearing short shorts and a very baggy shirt, you may be allowed to get back on the plane.
  • If, however, the plane is being piloted by a dick who refuses to fly with you on board, despite the fact that you are wearing all the necessary garments, then you will have to take a later flight and file a lawsuit as soon as you get home.

Harlem Woman Sues JetBlue After Officials Question If She’s Wearing Underwear, Kick Her Off Flight [NYDN]

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