Ariana Grande is Juliet to Patrick Schwarzenegger's Romeo


In an interpretation of Romeo and Juliet that’s a clear homage/rip-off of Baz Luhrmann’s, Ariana Grande has chosen to play Juliet opposite Patrick Schwarzenegger as Romeo in the video for her song “Right There.” She knows how that story ended, right?

Luckily for him, Big Sean – the featured rapper on the track – seems to have been loosely cast in the role of Friar, a man who does not die. Ariana spends most of her time fluttering a fan, indicating that perhaps her eventual death will be from a case of carpal tunnel more out of control than if she was an unemployed gamer. “I’ll never let you go,” Ariana sings. That’s the problem, Ariana. If only you knew your fate the way we do.

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