Ashanti Says a Music Producer Tried to Coerce Her Into Shower Sex

The singer says the producer, whom she didn't name, recorded her songs "for free" as a favor, and then demanded she shower with him or pay $40K per track.

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Ashanti Says a Music Producer Tried to Coerce Her Into Shower Sex
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Yesterday on the The Breakfast Club, Ashanti exposed an absolute assclown of a predatory music producer. Years ago, the man (who Ashanti doesn’t name) offered to help her record some music for free, because she was his “homie.” After the recordings were complete, she says he then turned around and said he’d only put them on the album if they showered together.

Initially the singer thought the producer she’d been working with for a few weeks was joking and laughed it off. But when he doubled down, saying it was either hop in the shower with him or pay him $40k per track, she obviously did not Rock Wit That.

She told hosts Charlamagne, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy that she made some phone calls and “stuff was handled.” It’s unclear what she exactly means by “handled,” but we’re left wondering if she had to pay $80k to get out of a situation she thought (and had been told) was a gratis creative collaboration with a friend. Ashanti’s mom, Tina Douglas, was also in the studio to corroborate the story and explained that it’s been hard in those instances to not get online and defend her daughter.

Last week, Ashanti, her mom, and her younger sister Shia Douglas appeared on Red Table Talk and discussed the family’s journey in helping Shia out of an abusive relationship with ex-fiancé Slowbucks. “As the older sister who wants to protect my younger sister, no one gets a book on how to handle this,” Ashanti said on the show. She explained how she grappled for a while with her role in helping her sister out of the toxic relationship and what was and wasn’t her business, really shining a light on how difficult it is to extricate people out of these abusive relationships. In October, Ashanti shared gruesome photos (heads up – the photos are really graphic) of her sister’s bruises, swollen eyes, and bloody mouth to bring awareness to domestic violence.

All of these accounts—from sexual harassment to domestic violence—are fucked up and beyond upsetting, and I believe her decision to talk about these things publicly will certainly help someone stuck in a bad relationship or situation get the help they need to get out.

Okay, now I’ll end on some lighter gossip, because it is Fri-yay…

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