Attention, Everyone: Benedict Cumberbatch Is Engaged


Delete all your Johnlock fanfic and take to your bed, because Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged to somebody who isn’t you. Queen Victoria wore black for decades after she lost Albert so I’m pretty sure it’s OK to deck yourself out in some sort of veil situation for the rest of the week.

Yes, Tumblr’s beloved muppet otter centerfold is now betrothed to his girlfriend, Sophie Hunter. According to the the BBC, she’s an actress and theater director, and they’ve kept the relationship very quiet—the first time they were seen together was back in June, at the French Open. The announcement came in The Times of London, buried in the “Births, Deaths & Marriages” department. Presumably this was at the direction of his great-grandmother, Viscountess Fussbudget Cumberbatch (whom I just invented):

Don’t worry, there’s always the wax Benedict Cumberbatch. He’ll never desert you.

Image via Getty.

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