Aunt Becky and Her Husband, Mossimo of the Target Mossimos, Are Reportedly Dreading Jail

Aunt Becky and Her Husband, Mossimo of the Target Mossimos, Are Reportedly Dreading Jail
Image:Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

On Friday, Aunt Becky (aka the actor Lori Loughlin) and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, Mossimo of the Target Mossimos, were sentenced to two and five months in prison, respectively, for their contributions in the college admissions scandal. And guess what? They really aren’t looking forward to serving out their time. Turns out, prison might be bad!

“They are terrified about going to jail,” a source told E!, claiming that the couple is mostly worried about contracting covid-19 while behind bars, and that “they don’t want to have any overlap” in their sentences, which would require them to “leave the girls on their own.” “They are trying to work out a way that one of them can be in L.A. with the girls while the other is serving their sentence,” the source added, “Everyone is on edge and just trying to hold it together and stay strong.” They also said that Aunt Becky’s daughters are “worried” and “hate to see” their parents “so upset.” That’s curious language for kids whose parents are about to go to jail, but maybe they are only kind of concerned—another college admissions scandal famous parent, actor Felicity Huffman, was released after serving 11 days of her 14-day prison sentence for her involvement. It’s almost as if the daughters know their parents might not actually have to serve out their time.

In Spring 2019, Becky and Mossimo were caught dropping $500,000 in bribes to gain admission for their daughters Olivia Jade and “the other one,” Isabella Rose Giannulli, into the University of Southern California. They pled not guilty, then guilty after reaching a deal that secured Mossimo five months in prison, a $250,000 fine, 250 hours of community service and two years of supervised release. Becky, meanwhile, will serve two months in prison, pay a $150,000 fine, and participate in 100 hours of community service.

I guess I would feel more empathy if, you know, the situation warranted any—and because their daughters are 20 and 21? They’re adult women? Olivia makes bank on Instagram and YouTube as an influencer anyway, surely she doesn’t need her parents’ supervision.

“Nothing has been decided about where they are serving. That’s up to the government to determine,” another insider told E!. Rest assured, it’s probably going to be somewhere very convenient.

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