Awesome Grandmas From Around the World Display Their Home Cooking


Photographer Gabriele Galimberti strikes again! This time, he’s bringing us international grandmothers and their delicious-looking homemade meals. Who else is pissed the internet doesn’t have smell-o-vision yet??

As someone whose never had a home-cooked grandma meal — one grandma died before I was born and the other subsisted solely on nicotine and hate — these meals still bring a tear to my eye and a grumble to my stomach. I can’t imagine what they do for people who actually have fond memories of older generations cooking up that anti-Lean Cuisine tastiness.

The photographs are part of a book to be published by Clarkson Potter in September 2014. I’m gonna buy it and eat it.

[Gabriele Galimberti via Demilked]

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