Baby Girl Beckham to be Born on the Fourth of July

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David and Victoria Beckham will welcome their fourth child and first daughter into the world of product licensing today when the baby is delivered via C-section. They’re going to name her something America-y possibly geographical, like “America.” I’m calling it now. [Contact Music]

  • Jennifer Aniston took a stand and insisted on having brown hair and bangs for her role in Horrible Bosses in spite of the studio’s concern that no one would recognize her brown hair and bangs (an implicit admission by the studio that Jennifer Aniston is epically unremarkable or that American audiences are epically stupid? Or both?), and Jennifer was all, well you should let me do it anyway, and the studio was all, no! But then Jennifer won because she took a stand except she didn’t really go brunette; she just wore a wig. The whole thing’s really harrowing. They wrote a whole big thing about it. [Chicago Sun Times]
  • Lady Gaga did yoga in Thailand while wearing what looked like a giant temporary tattoo she won at a carnival, black panties, and hooves from a horse costume. And a beret. [Janet Charlton’s Hollywood]
  • Our Lady of the Gaga will also be appearing as a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance next season, which is funny because Lady Gaga can’t dance. [AOL TV]
  • Daniel Radcliffe has given up alcohol because he became “too reliant” on it, saying he’d rather sit home and relax with his girlfriend or read or talk to someone who makes him laugh than be a drunken fool. Daniel Radcliffe, at 22 years old, realized what it took most people decades to realize. No wonder Voldemort couldn’t kill him, and that he can succeed in business without really trying. [Daily Mail]
  • Jesse James blames his low self esteem for cheating on Sandra Bullock, but also says he’s forgiven himself because yeah, he cheated on his wife, but “so do a lot of people.” Yeah, but a lot of people don’t cheat on your wife, dude. You cheated on your wife. [Showbiz Spy]
  • Glee’s Naya Rivera and Heather Morris kissed onstage at a show in Dublin. I fear I spent all of my shock and titillation over Sapphic theater in 2003 when Madonna kissed both Britney and Christina onstage and I was but a wee 20 year old at Catholic school still learning the ways of the world. No, Glee, girl-girl kisses aren’t transgressive anymore. Call me when there’s onstage same sex frottage and Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson’s head explodes with Concern for The Children. [HuffPo]
  • After years of keeping the public waiting with bated breath, Usher has finally revealed what he looks for in a woman. His penis. Just kidding. He looks for a woman who makes him a better man, which is a pretty tall order. I look for a man who makes me an omelet. [Showbiz Spy]
  • Sad! Neil Patrick Harris is mourning the death of his grandfather, who passed away yesterday at age 95. I hope Neil Patrick Harris and his family are able to remember his life with happiness, and I also hope that this means that Neil Patrick Harris will live to be 95 years old. [Contact Music]
  • Hugh Jackman was hesitant to indulge his desire to be an actor when he was a kid because he was afraid people would think he was gay. Judging by the number of times he’s appeared in a top hat singing at award shows, he no longer has this fear. [Digital Spy]
  • Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino is the latest eye-talian to leave the reality show, as onlookers and camera crews caught him loading his bags into a cab and flouncing off into the night this weekend, and he’s never coming back, never! Rumor has it that the show’s grueling production schedule was too much for him- the singlehanded best counterexample to the idea that the coasts are filled with a bunch of overeducated liberal elites just returned from Italy to film season 4 of the show and immediately returned to Seaside Heights to begin filming season 5. Vinny and his giant dong returned to Staten Island, where presumably his doting mother will brush his hair and hand wash his bedazzled Ed Hardy rompers. [TMZ]
  • Bla bla bla Paris Hilton bla bla bla Hollywood bla bla bla new boyfriend bla bla bla club bla making out. [TMZ]
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