Baby Sea Lion Snuggles Leg of Luckiest Person Alive


Here’s a sea lion pup snuggling the leg of the luckiest person alive.

Apparently the ridiculously adorable pup jumped aboard the boat and nuzzled right up to recreational sailor J.R. Gilkinson, because he is the lord’s chosen one.

“It was like a taste of paradise and I like the way it tasted,” Gilkinson told The New York Post. “That’s the way it was supposed to be, humans and animals. Each minute, I was just absorbing it and soaking it all in.”

Although obviously very adorable, there appears to be many malnourished sea lion pups washing up on Southern California beaches lately, and the marine mammal rescue centers are over capacity. Um, I think it’s time for us all volunteer our beds to be used as baby sea lion rehabilitation chambers? Or, uh, send financial donations, if possible.


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