Badass 63-Year-Old Woman Powerlifter Takes Home Gold at First Competition


If you’re a world class lazy bones and need some inspiration to get moving, or if you enjoy sitting on your couch and watching things online (hello, friend!), it’s time you met Ellen Bittner.

The now 63-year-old Bittner started on her health quest when she was asked to take part in a study about how lifestyle affects longevity. When she completed the initial screening, she faced the harsh reality that her health wasn’t great. Bittner started working with a physical trainer, and that physical trainer eventually introduced her to powerlifting. Which sounds hella intense, and makes me think of that YouTube video where the dude’s butt falls out of his butt when he’s powerlifting. You know the one, I can’t link to it because I’ve eaten in the past 24 hours. Anyway, it’s very disturbing. However, I think lots of powerlifting much be safe because so many people do it! (And also, if a bunch of people jumped off a bridge, I totally would, too.)

Awesomely, Bittner was a powerlifting natural, and took home the gold at her first competition! As Bittner says of her champion fitness ways, “You’re never too old to try.” Absolutely. My dad used to have some major anger management problems, and one of the things that helped him tame his rageaholic ways was taking up racquetball. RB, as we call it in my parents household, became a big part of my dad’s life, and calmed him down immensely.

Of course, you need the money and the means to make things like personal trainers and health club memberships happen, but I’m inspired to get some good movement in today. Maybe a jog-walk to the new froyo shop? Anyone? Eh?

[via HoopLaHa]

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