Badass Saudi Woman Drives a Car, Ovaries Fail to Explode


Last month, Saudi official Sheikh Saleh al-Lohaidan attempted to justify his country’s dumb ban on women driving cars by claiming car driving can result in tErRiBlE ladyproblems like, I don’t know, turning your uterus into a basketball and your fallopian tubes into sparklers. Doesn’t matter. It was silly, silly stuff from a shockingly ignorant man with a frightening amount of power. Now, two badass Saudi women have openly defied the ban on video and social media, and in the process proven that driving does not, in fact, cause spontaneous ovarian freak out.

This video— which has been viewed over a million times since being uploaded— was made by a Saudi filmmaker and an anonymous woman who wanted to give a middle finger to the kingdom’s driving ban before a country wide driving protest, which is scheduled for the 26th of October. While the filmmaker shot the anonymous woman, she sent a series of taunty Tweets.

Again, no one’s vagina started on fire.

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