BAFTA Fashions Banish The Mondays!


BAFTA is the gift that just keeps on giving: although Hortense did one rad roundup yesterday, there are more, still more rad British getups to start the week off right!

Seriously, if this – or at least this ethereal gown – doesn’t make you smile, I give up.

Or may I suggest…?

Don’t hate Anne Marie Duff because she’s such a rad actress and wearing such a class-A getup. Although if you’re the type who’d hold her marriage to James McAvoy against her, well, there’s nothing to say, really.

Edith Bowman‘s 40’s elegance is among the evening’s loveliest.

Tamsin Egerton‘s log-o’-mutton is flamboyant, but I dig it!

This stunning pic of Emilia Fox made my morning. Yes, it doesn’t take a lot.

Emma Watson: almost eerily poised and elegant, per usual. And this, for all the young gals out there looking for examples of youthful chic, is embellishment done well!

Maybe only Emily Mortimer could pull off a look this busy – and some might argue that my impassioned partiality is blinding me to the fact that even she can’t. I think the grey (yes, “grey,” because we’re in England) unifies it though.

Does anyone not love Amy Adams in this? (Rhetorical.)

[Images via Getty]

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