BAFTA TV Awards Red Carpet: All Your Fave British Actors, Plus Some You Haven’t Heard Of

The Bad Sisters actresses came out in force. Saffron and Elliot Knight are the hottest brother/sister duo I've ever seen. And Kate Winslet brought her daughter!


Cush Jumbo

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Cush Jumbo
Photo: Wiktor Szymanowicz/Future Publishing (Getty Images)

Look, I watch a lot of British television, but there are so many British actors that even my brain, which is particularly attuned to celebrities and their goings on, cannot possibly keep track of all of them. And believe me, if I’d heard of someone with the absolute banger of a name Cush Jumbo, I’d remember her. (She was apparently in The Good Wife, which I watched and enjoyed—but is not a British show.)

Anyway, despite Cush’s amazing name and face, this outfit has far too much going on. The cape and gloves look cheap and costume-y (something about seeing the seams on the gloves is like nails on a chalkboard to me)—and they distract from the really lovely beading on the dress.

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