The European Premiere of ‘Barbie’ Looked Way More Fun Than the First Premiere

The outfits were better, the pink carpet seemed pinker, there were streamers and a stage, and even Will Ferrell showed up to this one.

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Photo: Getty Images

Rarely (if ever) would we pay attention to the second red carpet of a movie premiere but Barbie has us making all sorts of exceptions. The movie had its European premiere in London on Wednesday night and damn, it looked way better than the World Premiere that was held in Los Angeles on Sunday—which is possibly what the very well-funded and very outrageous Barbie marketing team wanted.

The pink carpet looks were brighter, sparklier, and hotter; everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves more; there was a stage, and a photocall where the stars got to push a giant button and streamers fell from the middle of the sky. Whereas the L.A. premiere looked like everyone was about 15 seconds from being melted by the sun, the London premiere just looked like a jolly old-fashioned, needless, over-the-top good fucking time. See for yourself.

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