Battle Of The A-List Sexyface


Last night, Louis Vuitton and Vanity Fair hosted “Sunset Cocktails with the West Coast Editor” on Rodeo Drive. And shit got real. I’m not just talking about a guest list that included January Jones, Christina Ricci, Kristen Bell. No: Sexyface!

Louise Roe went sweetly retro.

Autumn Reeser supports the local crafts industry with a little intricate quilting.

Sanaa Lathan also goes for asymmetry, breast-hefting.

Christina Ricci has a secret. It involves a corset-top, an LV clutch, and world domination.

Kristen Bell in what, in her defense, may be a tribute to the upcoming tennis tourneys – or at least duds for an upcoming set.

I’m not sure I’d feel comfy doing red-carpet leggings with a short top – even after all this time – but I admire Mary McCormack brazening it out, doing an homage to Fosse.

Brittany Snow. Oh, Brittany Snow. Why choose between a onesie, asymmetry, animal prints and corsage embellishment when you can have them all in one, baffling Franken-garm?

Maggie Grace brings her best sexyface.

But Amber Heard gives her a run for her money.

January Jones is pissed. She’s co-host of the event and doesn’t like it turning into a sexyface showcase, especially when she’s looking so totally sharp.

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