Be Honest: How Often Do You Wash Your Dirty-Ass Bra?


This morning’s GMA featured a segment on bra fitting and good for them. We spend so much our lives strapping down our fun bags that we might as well be comfortable and yet so many women aren’t. A lot of us are wearing our bras too high, a lot of us are wearing ’em too loose. Our over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders are cutting into our backs and ribs and guess what? It doesn’t have to be like that! Open your eyes — really open them — and let GMA bra lady show you the way.

At least until she pulls this shit:

“There’s no need to wash [your bra] in between each use. You can wear a bra up to 7 or 8 times before cleaning it.”

Ha, is she saying that you’re actually supposed to wash your bra? Like, even if you don’t spill soup or red spaghetti sauce on it?

I joke. I joke. My mother definitely taught me better than to think that bras were a self-cleansing clothing item. Bras sit across your back and under your boobs — two regions that tend to get pretty sweaty and it’s not like that sweat dissolves into nothing. It sticks to your clothes and eventually it reeks. But once every 7 t0 8 days?! Who does this lady think I am? Doctor Free-Time?

Still, the segment got me asking questions: Am I not washing my bras enough? How often do other women wash their bras? When can I get home and take my stupid bra off? Admittedly, I began to digress, but the first two questions are still pertinent ones. I conducted a little office poll with the Jezebel staff’s answers ranging from once a week (this jerk has in-house laundry) to once every couple months (she has multiple bras that she switches out) to whenever they start to smell bad. One person answered that she only buys bras in black to hide the dirt and washes them once the tag starts to turn brown from dirt. (She is disgusting and, well, me).

Online sources recommend washing them from anytime ranging from every two wears to weekly to you’ll know when you know. The only thing I found out for certain is that all of my bras should probably be burned — and not in that fun, cool feminst way.

Bra Expert Linda Becker Says Sizes Are a Scam [ABC News]
Image via Kirill Kleykov/Shutterstock.

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