Before Kelly Loeffler Was a Trump Stan, She Was a Romney Girl

Before Kelly Loeffler Was a Trump Stan, She Was a Romney Girl
Image:Jessica McGowan (Getty Images)

With just a couple of weeks left before the crucial Senate runoff races in Georgia, incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler has little left to be aired. The Republican is the richest member of Congress—a loyal Trump footsoldier—who is relying on fear-mongering rhetoric to convince voters that her competitor, Rev. Raphael Warnock, is a big scary (Black) Marxist. But, for those unaware, a new New York Times article highlights some of Loeffler’s background: most notably her pivots from farm girl, to Wall Street maven, to politico.

Same old same old, nothing new there, except… wait… what is this about a Mitt Romeny phone background?

From the New York Times (emphasis ours):

Her support for the president, and for Trumpism, is relatively recent. She did not contribute to his 2016 campaign, and in the years before her appointment to the Senate, she was known as a reliable Republican donor, gravitating to more centrist figures like the party’s 2012 nominee, Mitt Romney. One associate said that, for a time, Ms. Loeffler’s cellphone had a photograph with Mr. Romney as its background. (Her campaign would concede only that it had a Romney-Paul Ryan case.)

Maybe Loeffler was rocking a Romney-Paul phone case and a Romney background on the celly. But is it just me or is having a politician—even one you’re voting for, even one you’re donating cash money to—as a cell phone background a little much?

Look, I’m on the record as acknowledging that Sen. Romney is attractive in a… Mad Men kind of way. Fair enough! But iPhone background worthy? Loeffler apparently thinks so! This just sounds like thirst if you ask me.

But what photo of Romney graced her phone screen? Let’s look at the options.

Windswept Romney:

Image:AP (AP)

Romney as Salt Lake City Olympics big boy:


Old headshot Romney:

Image:AP (AP)

This photo of Romney with his wife Ann that Loeffler could have paid someone to Photoshop so that her head replaced the wife:

Image:Alex Brandon (AP)

This photo of Romney that can be taken out of context:

Image:Richard Drew (AP)

This weird Austin Powers/Romney thing:


What do we think, lads?

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