Behold the Only Acceptable Public Proposal of 2015

In Depth

Here are two things I hate: Flash mob public proposals and that “Happy” song. Here is one thing I love: Middle-aged people in love. Meet Mark Keller, Tammy Snapp, and the cutest proposal of this year.

Here’s a description of the video, via The Daily Dot.

Last weekend, Mark Keller and his girlfriend Tammy Snapp went to the Apple Blossom Grande Parade in Winchester, VA. When the James Wood High School marching band approached, they stopped in their tracks so Mark could bend down on one knee and ask Tammy a very important question.

Not even the coldest-hearted among us could say no to this proposal. There’s probably not even a person who could gently pull one of these happy people aside and “helpfully” whisper, “I mean, this is great, but ‘Happy’ is kind of played, you know?” Because everyone’s too busy clapping their hands and stomping their feet and being so incredibly happy for these two people who have found each other and are so in love. BRB, going to go vomit sparkles now.

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