Is Ben Affleck Dating the Nanny?

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She was looking for some work—she didn’t want a fling—when she got a nanny job with Ben and Jen this spring. What was she to do, what was she to say, she needed the money. But over the next few months her bosses went to war—she was there to watch the children, but their father saw more. She had youth! Jen went poof! It’s the (alleged) truth! Ben fell in love with his nanny.

Who would have guessed that the girl we described, was just exactly what Ben’s penis prescribed? Now Jen Garner found her disgusting – she let her go! And now Ben’s on top of her thrusting – His rep says ‘no!’ She’s the lady in bed, next to Ben Affleck: the man of her dreeeeeeams.

His twenty-something rebound – the nanny, Christine!

[Us Weekly]

Cara Delevingne was interviewed by Good Day Sacramento yesterday, and it was a complete mess. The rude hosts made multiple comments about Delevingne looking like she needed a nap and/or Red Bull (I thought she seemed fine?), before the actress decided she had had it.

RUDE HOST: You do seem a bit irritated. Perhaps it’s just us.
DELEVINGNE: Yeah, I think it’s just you.

If you watch the whole video, you’ll notice Cara’s behavior is…fine? She seems a little tired, sure, but maybe that’s because she went to a movie premiere the night before and got 90 minutes of sleep before waking up and preparing for hours of interviews?

Or maybe she’s just sad about St. Vincent.

[Us Magazine]

Look at this headline:

Now read the story.

[Page Six]

  • 🙁 Demi Lovato’s dog died in a “tragic accident.” [People]
  • OITNB’s Selenis Levya fights for her transgender sister “on a daily basis.” [People]
  • Monica Lewinsky had a “low-key” 42nd birthday dinner last night. [Page Six]
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  • Tyga’s not paying his rent. [TMZ]

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