Ben Affleck's Raya Journey Seems to Be Paying Off

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Ben Affleck's Raya Journey Seems to Be Paying Off

Ben Affleck is dating a woman named Katie Cherry that he met on the “celebrity” dating app Raya. All I can think when I hear this is that “Katie Cherry” sounds like a really excellent Katy Perry drag queen name, but it turns out that she is, indeed, a film composer and entirely separate person.

According to Us,

Affleck, 47, met Cherry on the private dating app Raya “a few months ago,” according to the source, and the duo have seen each other on a few occasions since—including the West Hollywood Halloween party at which they were photographed on Saturday, October 26. “They’re very into each other,” the source adds.
A second source, however, tells Us that the relationship “nothing that serious at this time.”

Affleck apparently had a bit too much fun at that Halloween party on Saturday night, and was seen leaving Kimpton La Peer Hotel stumbling drunk. But when approached by the Daily Mail about it the next day outside his ex Jennifer Garner’s house, he admitted he slipped:

He seemed to be in good spirits despite the tough circumstances as he told photographers outside the property: ‘Well you know it happens, it’s a slip but I’m not going to let it derail me.’

Garner, who remains a hero, is said to be “upset but always supportive.” [Us Weekly]

Felicity Huffman is out of jail after just 11 measly days behind bars. Page Six has photos of Huffman’s post-jail outfit, which include “a black jacket, slacks, flats and dark sunglasses.” It’s a wonder that she still has suitable clothes after enduring her terrible ordeal, which again, lasted just over a week.

Huffman will remain on probation for a year following her role in the college admissions scandal, and will also have to pay a $30,000 fine and serve 250 hours of community service. [Page Six]

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