Ben Carson Releases 60-Second Rap Track, Rhymes 'Carson' With 'Awesome' 


Further cementing his place as a pioneer of the “teens who tweet ‘fuck me daddy’ at the pope” contemporary political style, Ben Carson has released a rap ad, and it’s really…

How to say…

Via ABC:

His new $150,000 radio ad buy, called “Freedom,” will air for two weeks in Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Birmingham, Alabama, Jackson, Mississippi, Memphis, Tennessee and Little Rock, Arkansas.

The track is a minute-long argument against ears and brains working together, and it features a Christian rapper who calls himself Aspiring Mogul. Aspiring Mogul’s Twitter bio is “CHRISTIAN REPUBLICAN RAP ENIGMA ASPIRINGMOGUL.COM LIVE YOUR VISION LET NO ONE CHANGE THAT!! PROVERBS 3:5.”

His actual bio, available at ASPIRINGMOGUL.COM/RAPPER, begins:

History in the music business seems to be a thing of the past.

And ends:

Republican music be careful how you use it.

The track samples Ben Carson’s stump speech, with Aspiring Mogul laying down a very, let’s say relaxed, flow. The lyrics in their entirety:

Ben Carson 2016
Vote and support Ben Carson
For the next president he’d be awesome
If we wanna get America back on track
We gotta vote Ben Carson, a matter of fact

(I think he was going for “revive,” but honestly, he says “revire.”)

The track is insane, which is fine. It’s fine for music to be insane. Less so with a supposed presidential candidate who’s obviously in it primarily for the book sales and speaking fee lift, but is somehow, somehow, leading in the polls. This kind of pandering from Carson—noted respectability politics advocate who has compared both Obamacare and abortion to slavery and trades on conservatives’ naked love of the way he’s willing to throw black Americans under the bus—is frankly disgusting. More details from ABC:

This new form of advertising allows the African-American retired neurosurgeon, 64, to communicate with these targeted black voters in what the campaign believes is their preferred style.
The campaign says “reaching out and talking to them in a language that they prefer and in a language that, and in a cultural format that they appreciate” is a way of broadening its appeal to the younger African-American vote.
“This happens to be a group that we feel pretty strongly is ready and prepared to start working for Ben Carson,” Watts said.
The campaign says it will pursue this medium and particularly this demographic aggressively, especially through the March primaries.

Great news. Hopefully Carson’s next wave of disingenuousness will step up its production game; until then I look forward to more of this pan-flute-ass Whole Earth Provisions Ambien flow.

Image via AP.

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