Ben Carson Wouldn't Abort Baby Hitler: 'I'm Not in Favor of Aborting Anybody'


Well, someone finally did it. Someone finally asked a GOP candidate to their faces if they would abort Baby Hitler.

That person was a glorious Sports Twitter troll and sometime-SB Nation contributor who goes by the nom de guerre PFT Commenter. He attended the GOP debate and wrote a strong take, as he’s wont to do, in the character of the dumbest motherfucker you’ve ever met:

Perhaps the staunchest anti-Hitler Candidate thus far has been Dr. Ben Carson. Carson is on record as saying that maybe if the Jewish people in Nazi Germany had had hunting rifles they would of been able to overpower the German standing army. Well at least he was the most Anti-Hitler untill last week.
Jeb Bush was asked about the New York Times Magazine question that posed “If you could go back and kill Hitler as a baby, would you do it?” His answer was a emphatic “Hell yeah I would” that was in no way designed to make him look tough in front of his cooler friend Donald Trump. Nonetheless, Bush took the lead as the most anti-Hitler candidate for about 30 hours, but with all that Carson had been through with the media asking him unfair questons from his “gotcha” autobiography I wanted to toss him a softball. So I asked him, “as the most anti-Hitler, but also the most anti- abortion candidate, would you ABORT baby Hitler?”

PFT managed to get right up in Ben Carson’s personal space and ask the tough questions. You can hear an immediate gasp from the rest of the reporters around him, a mutter of “Oh my god” and someone saying, “Wait a minute, that’s —”

But Carson, with nary a flinch: “I’m not in favor of aborting anyone.”

“Not even Hitler?” PFT asks. “OK. Pro-Hitler.”

This is the election coverage this endless season and the American people deserve.

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