Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley Are Just Thrilled About All These Weekend Debates


There are approximately ten million more Republican debates scheduled before we elect a new reptilian overlord; meanwhile, there are just four more Democratic debates scheduled, and the next one is on Saturday night. Right after Star Wars was released. Days before Christmas. During a big football game.

The current and unlikely-to-change Democratic debate schedule shows that two of the upcoming debates will be on weeknights, while the other two will be on weekends, when no one is watching. The upcoming one on December 19 was also scheduled during a Jets-Cowboys game, one of the most heated rivalries in football.

The Democratic National Committee has repeatedly denied that the debate scheduling has anything to do with accommodating and/or helping Hillary Clinton, but Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley feel otherwise. Both campaigns politely told the New York Times today that the debate schedules are some bullshit.

“I think it’s out of a false sense that they have to circle the wagons around the inevitable front-runner,” O’Malley himself told the paper. Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs, meanwhile, said only: “We’re playing the hand we were dealt. I guess Christmas Eve was booked.”

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said on CNN this week the schedule preserves the ability of the candidates to be out on the campaign trail, which, OK.

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