The Top 21 Architectural Digest Celeb Home Tours, Ranked by Their Absurdity

From art pieces featuring a moon rock to Skittles machines to jungle gyms in kids' bedrooms, touring a celebrity home gives you a little bit of everything.

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Screenshot: Architectural Digest/YouTube

What is the most absurd thing you would do to your house if you had Hollywood money? Would you knock out every single wall and replace them with giant windows? Think bigger. What about installing a weirdly fuzzy sex dungeon or filling your home with taxidermied animals wearing jewels? Now we’re getting somewhere.

Nowhere is the absurdity of celebrity homes better put on display than Architectural Digest’s “Open Door” series—where celebs (actors, musicians, athletes, reality stars) show off everything from cement ping-pong tables and the various types of fancy wood they own, to vintage feather collections, teeny tiny lamps, and custom sculptures. That you can live in extremely batshit ways when money is of no concern is not a surprise—but some of the ways these celebs choose to furnish their abodes certainly are, so we’ve ranked which celebrity home features surprised us the most. Let’s start in South America...

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