Bette Midler Joins Our Pointing Circle and Demands That Justin Timberlake Apologize to Janet Jackson, Specifically

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Bette Midler Joins Our Pointing Circle and Demands That Justin Timberlake Apologize to Janet Jackson, Specifically
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We’ve been standing here, pointing at Justin Timberlake, for weeks now. He’s apologized once, to his “amazing wife” Jessica Biel, after being photographed drunkenly holding hands with co-star Alisha Wainwright on the set of Palmer in New Orleans. Strangely, he has not apologized to Wainwright publicly, or the many other women whose careers he has torpedoed through on his rocket ship ride to middling fame and a somewhat decent music “career.” And others are beginning to notice, like Bette Midler!

Midler demanded justice for Janet Jackson earlier this week, joining the Britney Spears fans currently invading the actor’s mentions also demanding justice for their pop queen:

Like many of us, Midler appeared at a loss for why Jackson was routinely maligned by Timberlake’s team, the government, and the American public while he went on to enjoy a career in acting, music, and various commercial endeavors. Midler’s question couldn’t be more timely, considering the source that told Us Weekly:Jessica encouraged Justin to put out his statement on Instagram because she felt embarrassed by his actions and wanted him to take accountability.”

People, meanwhile, claims that Jessica Biel “will never break up her family” over Timberlake’s actions. One source told the outlet: “What’s most important to her in life is her family and being the best mom to Silas.” Still, no word on Timberlake’s apology to Janet Jackson. It might never come! Thankfully, I have literally nothing better to do than stand here and point at him until the pyramids crumble to dust along with my ancient skeleton, when there is no one left alive who remembers the name “Justin Timberlake.” Congrats to the happy couple, I guess! [ET] / [People] / [Us Weekly]

Remember Aunt Becky? She’s apparently not well, especially now that her daughter has crawled her way back to Youtube to beg for her former sponsors to come crawling back with her! (How else with she furnish her new apartment if not with free Amazon furniture?)

Sources tell Us Weekly that Aunt Becky and husband Mossimo Giannulli, of the Target Mossimos, pleaded with Olivia Jade to disappear for a bit while the many, many federal indictments against them get sorted out by all those lawyers they’re paying for. One source claims: “Lori was very clear in telling Olivia to remain quiet and not do anything controversial.” Considering Olivia didn’t listen to this alleged order, “Cracks in the family are starting to show.”

I’d seriously urge Aunt Becky to direct that vast wealth towards some crisis consultants for Olivia Jade. Not only is “hi again” an incredibly bad title for your first Youtube video in months, it’s risky to re-emerge before the public has felt catharsis for your widely publicized betrayal of the law and their trust in you. Perhaps if Olivia Jade had stayed offline, she could have ridden the rest of her mother’s trial out in silence. Then, she could reemerge as the tearful and heartbroken daughter, wishing her prison-bound mother all the best as she tries to piece her life back together. YouTube included! Now, if Aunt Becky goes down, Olivia Jade is going with her. Shakespearian, sure. But a really bad business plan! [Us Weekly]

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