Betty White's SNL Promo: Web-Savvy Cougar Jokes


In sixteen seconds flat, this promo for Betty White hosting Saturday Night Live covers all the bases of her recent resurgence.

She acknowledges her Internet fans, and gives them credit for getting her the gig. But she also expertly wields the mild shock factor her recent appearances have capitalized upon: An 88 year old woman! Talking about sex! Or trash-talking on the football field, whatever. And it works well, here as elsewhere, even if we’d all like to institute a permanent ban on the use of the word “cougar.”

Still, here’s hoping that Saturday Night Live realizes you can’t fill an entire show just with a single type of punchline. Although it hasn’t stopped them before.

Betty White On SNL Promo [YouTube]

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The Campaign To Get Betty White To Host SNL

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