BEYHIVE ALERT: Michelle Williams Told Off Mike Huckabee to His Face  


Michelle Williams called Mike Huckabee’s stupid comments about Beyoncé “very, very, very low” and the best part is she did it right to his smug, dopey face.

Huckabee has been under fire ever since it was revealed that his pointlessly stupid new book God, Guns, Grits and Gravy contained a passage accusing Jay Z of pimping out Beyoncé. Because to an old white Conservative dude, a strong black women embracing her sexuality and celebrating can only be explained as prostitution. Because to old Conservative white dudes, married women don’t make any decisions on their own about their careers and are totally controlled by their husbands. It was a dumb, completely unnecessary and grossly racist/sexist statement. But Grandpa Munster can’t seem to understand why everyone is being sooooo mean to him about the whole thing.

“Gosh, that’s all I’ve heard about this week,” he said before “She doesn’t need to do songs like ‘Partition’ and ‘Drunk In Love’ in order to be an effective and an amazing talent.”

GOSH. Imagine that.

Rosie O’Donnell tried to explain to Huckabee that if you’re going to talk that kind of shit about the Queen, you will definitely get some blow back. “You can’t mess with the queen bee.” That’s when Williams, former Destiny’s Child member, jumped in.

“You know what, you definitely can’t mess with her,” Williams said. “As someone who has definitely come up in a group with her, has seen her hard work and who she is, I just feel like, you know, that album and those songs… It’s that one moment where she decided to probably do some songs she’s always wanted to do to shed that ‘I’m a good girl [image]’. She had some freedom and she owned it and she took it, so I was definitely offended.”

“I’m not the Carters’ spokesperson, but to hear some of those comments that you said, I thought were very, very, very low,” Williams added.

All-in-all this was a rather restrained, polite conversation with Williams telling Huckabee that while she respects him, she disagrees with him. Huckabee offered the same limp people are taking me out of context bullshit that is always an excuse when critics force blowhards like this to be held accountable for their words. (This man wants to be president, by the way. Sleep on that.)

She could have called him out on a lot more of his gross bullshit other than just saying I was in a group with her and she wanted to change her image so leave her alone. But at least Williams tried. We have all tried. And tried and tried and tried and tried….

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