Beyoncé Follows Brooklyn Man On Instagram, Internet Reacts

Beyoncé's Instagram account has never followed anyone, until now!

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Beyoncé Follows Brooklyn Man On Instagram, Internet Reacts
Image:Christopher Polk (Getty Images)

For some people, it’s just a regular Wednesday in their regular lives. But for Beyoncé, it is the dawn of an entirely new era — a new chapter in her artistic journey. On Tuesday night, a local Brooklyn man created an Instagram account and, just a mere hours after being Instaborn, Beyoncé followed him on the platform. Now, why does this matter? Because Beyoncé has 216 million followers, 2007 posts, and is only following one single person. Just one.

Imagine for a moment, being so culturally significant and existing in such a rarified air that you don’t need to bother caring about anyone else’s social media posts because you are Beyoncé. You’re simply above that kind of thing, but not in an arrogant way. In a I-genuinely-don’t-have-time-because-I’m-constantly-booked-and-blessed kind of way. It’s almost unfathomable.

Although, if you really think about it, being the only person that Beyoncé follows comes with a ridiculous amount of pressure. You can’t just be boring on the ‘gram when there’s a “like” from the literal Queen Bey on the line. So, good luck to Jay-Z who now has to be interesting at home and online so he doesn’t embarrass his wife. Again.

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