Beyoncé's 'I'm Pregnant' Dance, And Six Other VMA Moments Worth Watching


For an awards show without a host this year, the MTV Video Music Awards sure left us with a lot to talk about the next day: Lady Gaga spoke only as her alter (male) ego for the night (and almost kissed Britney Spears), Jonah Hill speaks about his dramatic weight loss, and Beyoncé and Jay-Z are having a baby. Catch up on what you missed, below.

1. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are pregnant.
Beyoncé officially announces she’s pregnant at the end of her performance of “Love On Top,” (above) Though anyone who saw her on the red carpet probably could have guessed. This sparks an important debate: what will we call the spawn of said couple? A few early nicknames include: BeyBey, Babyoncé, and Bey-Z.

2. Lady Gaga appears as her alter ego Jo Calderone.
Gaga’s male-model alter ego is nothing new, but spending an entire night/broadcast event as “Jo” certainly was. Some were baffled, others compared her to Ralph Macchio, and some criticized her smoking cigarettes on a show that targets the youth. A few went as far as to attack her degree from NYU and some of her so-called “Little Monsters” began to wonder if she had “jumped the shark.”

3. Jonah Hill talks about his dramatic weight loss.
It didn’t really matter so much that the true Lady Gaga was absent from the awards last night, as one of her signature looks wound up on Nicki Minaj. She presented an award alongside a newly-slim Jonah Hill, who took the opportunity to address the drastic weight loss. What started out as a “Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?” joke ended with a rant to his online haters: “It’s not funny that the chicken wanted to change his lifestyle a little bit, become a little healthier? Is it not funny instead, that instead of a pat on the back, the chicken a bunch of jerks tweeting that he’s not funny anymore?”

3. Britney almost kisses Gaga’s alter ego as she receives her tribute award.
But she didn’t actually do it. We figure that after certain number of same-sex kisses shared on the MTV stage with millions of people watching, a girl’s got to reevaluate her choices every once in a while. Either that, or Gaga’s admission (as “Jo”) during the introduction that she pleasured herself to the poster she had of Brit-Brit on her wall as a teen might have killed the mood a little bit.

4. Amy Winehouse tribute.
Russell Brand spoke about how he knew Amy, while Tony Bennett showed some never-before-seen footage of he and Amy singing together as they recorded their duet “Body And Soul”. Have a box of tissues nearby.

5. Selena Gomez interviews Justin Bieber
When Gomez, host of the VMA pre-show, was tasked to interview her boyfriend, The Biebs, all of the tabloids rumors that Justin is too immature for Gomez suddenly made sense. Bieber managed to fit a joke in about his (trouser) snaked named “johnson,” her way, and later he gave her an embarrassing kiss on the cheek that Selena didn’t seem too pleased with. Ah, young love.

6. Random person hops onstage during Jay-Z and Kanye West’s performance of “Otis.”
…Presumably to give Kanye his very own “Kanye moment.” (Check :20 for the intruder, who you wouldn’t even notice because he’s escorted off by security within, like, milliseconds.)

7. Cloris Leachman is best friends with the girls of Jersey Shore.
How cute is Cloris? She didn’t realize at first that she needed to speak into her microphone. When she did figure it out, she told the audience how glad she went to visit the crew in Florence after she got a “booty call” from Pauly D, and, more importantly, that she’s “DTF.”

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