Big Bathrooms, Heavy Silverware, and Powerwashing: 11 Nonsexual Things That Turn Us On

Just like actual sexual attraction, these seemingly mundane occurrences give us that hungry-yet-satisfied feeling.

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Writing and crossing off to-do lists

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Writing and crossing off to-do lists
Photo: Timm Cleasby Photography (Getty Images)

The year is 2023, meaning the contents and day-to-day demands of our lives long ago migrated from Filofaxes and diaries to Google Calendars and the Notes app. But for me, there remains something so divinely, borderline-sexually satisfying abou writing down and crossing out items from a to-do list in a physical planner. It just feels more productive!

If you spend more than five minutes on TikTok, you’re bound to encounter some video of an influencer “romanticizing” the most mundane, tiresome aspects of life, whether it’s taking a walk, cleaning their room, or treading water in a corporate job. The non-sexual horniness that writing in a physical planner arouses, for me, stems from that same well of desire—for nostalgia and romance, even if it’s just hand-writing a list of otherwise unsavory things in a beautiful notebook. —KC

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